For everyone’s first post, it might be about them, a simple “Hi” or a beautiful bird picture with tag line “How Cuteeeee” 

Since I am a Doctor and I love psychiatry I am gonna do a psychiatric profile of myself,



AGE: 24


Being born as a Single Child, to a Banker and Housewife, the subject is a curious case from psychiatric perspective. As a child, having studied in 7 schools none less, the subject has not had much of a long term friendship until he entered college. 

And he has overcompensated that in the later part of his life by making too many friends and being too much flexible to the needs of his loved ones, leading to lot of personal problems and unable to keep up with the volume of friends he made, the subject has lost a lot of them.

The subject has mild traits of OCD and aggressive, defiant behaviour, with weak perception of self and low self esteem, casting a doubt whether as a child he had some mal-adaptation during his “Anal Phase” of Psychosexual Development. 

Being raised as a single child the subject longed for a sibling and with the absence of long term friends, he over compensated in his college life by creating too much “Sibling like relationships” to obtain gratification he was denied since childhood.

Also being the single child, the subject was raised with excessive kindness and love by his parents, and there by, most of his life he never got the concept of “sharing things with others” and also the developed a Rigid self-centered lifestyle. And being given excessive freedom by his parents, the subject sees his parents more as a friend, leading to frequent quarrels and defiance towards them. 

As he has aged he acquired immature defense mechanism like, Regression, Deflection, Humor which he is trying to lose(in subjects own-words).

Being a left handed person, the subject has more interest in Intellectual activities like Writing, Drawing, Arguing and has excelled less in Rote memory based activities and activities that require prolonged concentration.

With tremendous insight the subject identifies his short comings and has been working to reduce them.

And as most egotistic single children the subject has had a failed relationship.

When asked about the motto of his life he replies “Edhaiyum Oru Murai” (Anything, at least once)

The subject says he is in the middle of Rediscovering and Reinventing himself.

The subject’s over indulgence in Facebook can be attributed primarily to the fact he loves writing, wants to be funny and looks at it as a bridge to develop a much bigger persona in virtual life, a persona much loved & adored by his friends, in short, a persona he doesn’t have in his real life. 

The subject has intense affliation to Manchester United, a club which he says “Completes Him” and has given him much solace and happiness and times of despair and depression.

The subject feels he has symptoms of Mild-Dysthymia for past few months, which has been compounded by his inactivity since leaving college last year and loss of confidence due to his poor academic performances.


A 24 year old Doctor, with mild OCD, defiant and passive aggressive tendencies, with gradually increasing symptoms of Dysthymia, looking to rediscover himself and wanting to change himself as he wants to be a better individual to people around him.



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  1. Prabu

    Congrats ob, as you took to blog on a seriousnote ! I was one of those guys who knowingly or unknowingly ask you to blog..

    This particular psychiatric case study is as good as a beginner’s. way to go.

  2. SivaranJani

    Wow sir 🙂 cool as always ta way ya put things 🙂 can relate 2 most of ta things being a single child myself n bein on facebook mostly 4 wanting 2 express things n feel happy being there among large number of ppl 🙂 continue writing sir 🙂 ya r just too good 🙂

  3. Jayakumar

    good one da 🙂

  4. Ranjith.A.R

    Bookmarked it !!
    Expecting a lot more.
    This post has exposed a serious PG aspirant’s mind , knowingly (or unknowingly)with some terms of PG preparation – Anal Phase, Dysthymia ….

    Congrats Obs !

  5. Bharadhwajk Kolipakkam

    Hey obuli,
    Finally man,! Good first post. Kind of reflects a general persona of most of Mbbs graduates I know, from my own seniors to the dearest interns with whom I have worked with.
    Since u r interested in psychiatry, I would like to correct u on one particular issue- what u r goin through right now doesn’t amount to what DYSTHYMIA means. This is just a phase of life which every single PG Aspirant goes through and it reverts back to normalcy once u join ur PG course. And technically one is DYSTHYMIC only if they suffer with low mood and subtle level of depression for 2 yrs minimum. So u r all good buddy.
    Best wishes for ur future blog

  6. The review-writing, Man Utd loving, longing single child who’s otherwise depressed… I can so relate to this ‘case’ 🙂

  7. Vel Prashanth

    You are one Hardcore Shrink Sir !! Will be following 🙂

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