This Woman’s day her are 12 things I learnt from Indian men this past year.

1. If a woman wears skimpy, western dress she most probably wants sex. If she dresses decently also she might want sex but to a lesser extent.
2. If a women is walking alone in any street across India at night time, she probably wants sex.
3. If a Woman in Rural India is strong, self-confident and tries to talk equal to men, lets all have sex and prove to her after all she is just a WOMAN.
4. If a man wants sex, age of woman is no bar, he will have it from 3 year old to 80 year old.
5. If you are a powerful man in your region, you can have sex with any woman in that region and no one can say anything about it.
6. If a woman wants sex, she is a prostitute, if a Man wants sex, he is a MAN.
7. If a Woman rejects a love proposal from a Man, how dare she!! She should be taught a lesson, by having sex or throwing acid on her face (or both?)
8. If a woman is traveling outside with her boyfriend, once I beat up the boy friend she will want sex with me.
9. If my relatives daughter is beautiful, I will start abusing her from childhood, so that by the time she becomes mature I can marry her.
10. A man can have sex with as many women as he wants under the pretext of marriage, if a woman has sex more than one man she is “officially” subjected to 1000 whiplash and desecrated from the society.
11. I find a Woman already raped and battling for life, what shall I do? Take her to hospital or Rape her again? Tough decision.
12. If a woman goes to police station to make a complain of sexual harrasment, let’s all beat her up without investigating as she might be probably lying.

As repulsive, disgusting, humiliating to write about this, but this is the prevailing truth. Most of us learnt ppl, in Twitter and Facebook think this is related to some minorities somewhere in India, but these are things I keep reading in newspaper day in, day out.
If you think what I have written is dramatizing out of context, and only represented few people, why does Women Survey show 52% of Women in India are subjected to sexual harassment of some sort?
Does that mean the few ppl travel everywhere around India and do this?
It means only one thing, men with these attitude are the majority. Only we sane thinking, social network loving people are the minority.

What is the solution?? I am as Dumb Founded as you are…


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