Broken Souls..

img_6524Here we are two broken souls,
Dug ourselves in deep holes,
Experiences in life, aplenty,
Memories that can last, till we are ninety,
Can two broken legs, support each other?
The answer will unlock, as we live further,
Once upon a time, we were, so young and naive,
Never had time to sit by and grieve,
As we sit by, and reminisce the past,
Ponder, cry, and count all that we have lost,
Couldn’t we have fought a lil bit more?
We had someone, whose worth, we were never sure,
“Karma is a bitch”, we swore,
Silently praying, for God to restore,
That beautiful life we once lived with vigour,
Two broken souls, here we are, my love,
Deep holes we have dug ourselves in, my love..


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One response to “Broken Souls..

  1. Asking us to feel the misery and we do.

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